Is Fryce Cream Just Another Internet Fad? Let’s Find Out!

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It’s no secret that Nashville is home to many exciting flavors and creative food spots. 

One place that stands out is Fryce Cream. Tucked away in the city’s 12 South neighborhood, his cozy eatery is the latest venture from chef Jeremy Barlow, a well-known name in the local food scene.

Fryce Cream has been making its rounds as the latest phenomenon to hit the Music City — but is the noise really worth the hype?

What is Fryce Cream?

Address: 2905 12th Ave S STE 104, Nashville, TN 37204

More than a decade ago — during a road trip with his daughters — chef Barlow stumbled upon a straightforward but delightful combination: crispy fries dipped in chocolate ice cream. 

A playful experiment that planted the seed for what would eventually become Fryce Cream, Barlow opened the spot in the middle of the pandemic — and the people of Nashville instantly fell in love.

At its core, Fryce Cream is all about celebrating the uncomplicated joy of indulging in soft-serve ice cream paired with French fries. 

One of Fryce Cream’s combos

While the soft-serve is rich and fresh — and prepared in-house to ensure the best quality — the other half of the Fryce Cream specialty is, of course, the French fries. 

Once at the shop, visitors can customize their combo with a range of add-ons, dips, and “dusts” — a flavorful powder to top things off — that encourage them to create a dessert that caters to their preferences.

The Prices and Flavors

The best thing about Fryce Cream is the price. Their artisan soft serve — available in vanilla, chocolate, swirl, or a special seasonal flavor — is served in either a cup or cone and costs just $4.50.

Meanwhile, starting from just $.50, ice cream toppings include everything from sprinkles to caramelized peaches, Butterfinger pieces, and bacon crumble. 

When it comes to topping off your fries, Fryce Cream dusts range from chili and lime to Cajun, Tandoori, or herbs.

And chef Barlow didn’t stop there. 

Adding a little something extra to the dining experience, there’s an array of dipping sauces available that include everything from basic ketchup to more exciting flavors like sweet-n-sour, roasted garlic, “magic sauce”, and a tempting mystery dip.

What Makes Fryce Cream So Special?

What makes Fryce Cream stand out in Nashville’s already-crowded food market is its commitment to quality and the personalized dining experience it offers. 

Let’s be honest: there are few things better than a simple, straightforward menu that delivers on both taste and texture every time.

Plus, Fryce Cream is also a great display of chef Barlow’s fine dining background. Encouraging visitors to try unexpected seasoning options, a visit to Fryce Cream is about opening up your taste buds to new experiences, flavor combinations, and sensations.

Best Fryce Cream and Fries Combo

The Verdict

At the end of the day, going to Fryce Cream lets you enjoy basic but well-made food. You get the best of both worlds — their cold and smooth ice cream served alongside hot and crunchy fries — and you also get to enjoy a great mix of different tastes and textures.

Whether you prefer something cold or something hot, something creamy or something crispy, or something sweet or something salty, it’s all available in one place.

A concept more than ten years in the making, Fryce Cream is a welcome addition to 12 South — one of the safest neighborhoods in Nashville — and has become a staple welcoming hordes of locals and visitors alike.

Better yet, Fryce Cream isn’t just for the young crowd or groups of friends. Families and individuals of all ages are big fans of what Fryce Cream has to offer, and it’s quickly become a go-to spot for fun, affordable, and tasty food.

Savoring fryce cream and fries in Nashville

A Sweet and Savory Treat

The future looks bright for Fryce Cream. It’s safe to say that this small establishment isn’t just another internet fad — it actually managed to cave out a niche for itself in Nashville’s competitive food scene. 

So, next time you’re in Nashville, make sure to add a quick stop by Fryce Cream to your itinerary — you won’t regret it!

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