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Best gluten free in Nashville

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With its iconic music scene and deep-rooted southern traditions, Nashville often evokes images of barbecues, honky-tonks, and hearty Southern meals. But beyond the well-known staples, there’s an undercurrent of culinary innovation. 

Today, the city is embracing a movement that’s been gaining momentum worldwide: gluten-free dining.

For those living gluten-free — either by necessity or choice — Nashville has eagerly risen to the occasion. No longer limited to specific health food stores or the occasional menu item, gluten-free options now span across bakeries, restaurants, and markets. 

Imagine indulging in classic southern dishes, reimagined without gluten, or exploring international dishes with confidence, knowing they fit within dietary needs. Sounds delicious, right? Well, you don’t need to imagine it anymore.

For everyone eager to discover some of the best gluten-free dining options in and around Nashville, the scene is bursting with flavors and choices that won’t disappoint.

Let’s dig in.

Overhead view of different toasts and toppings

What Does It Mean to Be Gluten-Free

Going gluten-free entails steering clear of foods with gluten — a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. 

While some people adopt this diet due to medical conditions like celiac disease — where gluten harms the small intestine — others might do so because they have non-celiac gluten sensitivity or a wheat allergy. However, beyond medical reasons, others might choose a gluten-free lifestyle for personal health, such as believing they feel more energetic without gluten. 

That said, when it comes to going gluten-free, it’s essential to be vigilant and well-informed. After all,  hidden sources of gluten can be sneaky and show up where you least expect them.

Luckily, cities like Nashville are paving the way with diverse and accommodating gluten-free options for all.

Our 7 Favorite Gluten-Free Restaurants in Nashville

Whether you’re craving savory barbecues or creamy pasta dishes, Nashville’s dining scene is brimming with laid-back spots that offer mouthwatering gluten-free options — which means you’ll never have to sacrifice flavor for dietary needs.

Here’s a closer look at some of our favorite gluten-free friendly restaurants in the city:

1. The Wild Cow

Address: 1100 Fatherland St SUITE 104 11/22, Nashville, TN 37206

A vegetarian favorite, The Wild Cow offers a variety of dishes that are not only flavorful but also health-conscious. Many of their offerings can be made gluten-free upon request. Expect fresh ingredients and a laid-back atmosphere perfect for casual dining.

2. Amerigo Italian Restaurant

Address: 1920 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203 

One of the best Italian restaurants in Nashville, Amerigo also has plenty of options that cater to a gluten-free crowd. A hallmark of classic Italian dining, diners can enjoy gluten-free versions of their most popular dishes — including their pizzas and pastas. 

3. Bartaco

Address: Multiple locations across the city

Drawing inspiration from beach cultures around the world, Bartaco serves up delectable tacos with a unique twist. Their menu frequently accommodates gluten-free diners, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a mean serving of tacos and sides without worrying about any gluten surprises.

4. Sunflower Cafe

Address: 2834 Azalea Pl, Nashville, TN 37204

A haven for food lovers craving organic and health-conscious meals, Sunflower Cafe is happy to offer a variety of vegan and vegetarian options — many of which are or can be adapted to be gluten-free. From burgers to salads, their bread is made entirely in-house, and you can choose from different fillings to bring it all together. Looking for an alternative to that sweet and savory southern BBQ? Their famous BBQ, made from a blend of soy protein and wheat, and enhanced with a liquid smoke marinade, serves as a delicious alternative (even though it doesn’t quite mimic the taste of meat, it still hits the spot).

Famous BBQ Wrap Sunflower Cafe

The famous BBQ wrap is a great alternative for those searching for red meat alternatives in the Music City.

Famous BBQ Wrap Sunflower Cafe

Roots Roasted Bow Sunflower Cafe
For those looking for a warm, nutritious bowl, this is the place.

5. Jack’s Bar-B-Que

Address: Three locations on Trinity Lane, Charlotte Ave, and Broadway

Going gluten-free doesn’t mean you have to miss out on Nashville’s famous BBQ scene! At Jack’s Bar-B-Que, everything from the meat to the sides — think coleslaw, beans, potato salad, and sauce — are entirely celiac-friendly. Just skip the buns and you’ll be good to go!

Different cuts of meat on a grill

6. Another Broken Egg Cafe

Address: 208 Commerce Street, Nashville, TN 37201

Perfect for breakfast or brunch, Another Broken Egg Cafe offers a range of traditional morning favorites. With gluten-free pancakes and other dishes, the staff is always happy to cater to specific dietary needs.

7. Chivanada

Address: Location varies

A Colombian-inspired food truck serving everything from empanadas to buñuelos and imported drinks, Chivanada takes snacking very seriously — just ask its reviewers, who rate it a top favorite. Everything on the menu is, of course, gluten-free, which also means you don’t need to worry about cross-contamination in such a tight space.

Tips for Dining Out Gluten-Free in Nashville

When it comes to eating gluten-free in Nashville, the city is increasingly becoming a haven for those with dietary restrictions. However, this doesn’t just mean settling in for a meal and hoping for the best. 

With this in mind, here are a few practical tips to help you feel comfortable while looking for gluten-free restaurants in Nashville:

  • Talk to the Staff
    Tell your server about your gluten-free needs. Most places in Nashville can guide you through what’s safe to eat.
  • Look for Menu Signs
    Some menus have symbols for gluten-free dishes. It’s good to know what they are.
  • Ask About the Kitchen
    Feel free to ask the restaurant’s staff if they use separate areas or tools for gluten-free food. This helps avoid any mix-ups!
  • Go When It’s Quiet
    If you want extra attention to detail, try dining when the restaurant isn’t too busy.
  • Read Reviews
    Before trying a new place, see if others with gluten-free needs had a good experience there. Find Me Gluten Free is a fantastic platform for that.
  • Stay Updated
    New gluten-free spots open, and menus change. Keep an eye out for fresh options in town.

Wrap Things Up With a Perfect Stay in Nashville

Exploring Nashville’s gluten-free culinary landscape is truly an adventure. From local BBQ joints catering to gluten-free diners to specialized celiac-friendly restaurants making waves with innovative dishes, the gluten-free dining scene in Nashville isn’t slowing down any time soon.

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