Your Complete Guide to the Nashville Film Festival 2023

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Lights, Camera, Nashville: An Unmissable Event for Film Lovers!

Get ready for a cinematic adventure — the Nashville Film Festival 2023 is fast approaching! Offering a blend of exciting movie premieres, insightful panel discussions, and opportunities to rub shoulders with industry professionals, this annual celebration of global cinema has been a mainstay in Music City since 1969 (can you believe 54 years!?). 

Flyer for the Nashville Film Festival

Drawing movie lovers and filmmakers from around the world, the Nashville Film Festival 2023 is more than just a festival: it’s a global celebration of cinematic arts. 

So whether you’re a film buff or an industry insider, this event should be high on your must-attend list.

Diving into Nashville’s World of Cinema

The Nashville Film Festival 2023 — a perfect blend of art, culture, and cinema — is all set to unroll the red carpet from September 28 – October 4. The ten-day event presents a unique opportunity for cinema enthusiasts to dive deep into a world of diverse stories and perspectives crafted by both emerging talents and established filmmakers.

Nestled in the heart of Nashville, the festival takes place at the Regal Hollywood Stadium 27 & RPX. This dynamic venue not only offers an immersive cinema experience but also provides a space where filmmakers, critics, and fans can engage in conversations about the latest trends, challenges, and successes in the world of film.

How Did It All Begin?

Established in 1969 as the Sinking Creek Film Celebration, the Nashville Film Festival has traveled a long path to cement itself where it is today. From its humble beginnings as a small local event, its innovative vision and dedication to showcasing unique storytelling have given way to an international celebration of cinema. Today, the festival attracts world-renowned filmmakers, industry professionals, and movie lovers from around the globe.

Over the course of its five-decade history, the Nashville Film Festival has carved out a distinct niche for itself, gaining recognition as one of the longest-running film festivals in the United States. This prestigious status reflects not only the quality of films showcased but also the festival’s significant contributions to Nashville’s thriving arts scene. 

Year after year, the festival continues to honor Nashville’s artistic spirit while shaping the city’s cinematic landscape.

Festival Highlights

With ten days of non-stop screenings and events, the Nashville Film Festival 2023 promises to be a feast for film enthusiasts. This year, attendees can expect a range of offerings: from world premieres to films showcasing the unique culture of Music City, there is something for everyone. 

Here’s a quick peek at what to expect:

  • Film Screenings: The Nashville Film Festival 2023 will showcase a variety of films from international and domestic filmmakers, ranging from indie films to major studio productions. Whether you prefer documentaries, dramas, comedies, or horror films — you’ll be sure to find it here.
  • Panel Discussions: Join insightful conversations with industry experts, directors, filmmakers, and stars! These discussions offer a deeper look into the filmmaking process, recent industry trends, and career advice for budding filmmakers.
  • Networking Events: Meet industry professionals, film enthusiasts, and creatives at the many networking events throughout the festival. These gatherings offer a great opportunity to make valuable connections.
  • Nashville at the Movies: Experience films that tell the stories of Nashville, made by talented local filmmakers. This is a fantastic way to explore the culture and history of Music City.

Enjoy Full Access to the Nashville Film Festival 2023

Looking to make the most of the Nashville Film Festival 2023? Ranging from $125 to $575 each, The Nashville Film Festival offers three different options for attendees. 

Known as VIP Badges, each category offers access to the festival’s different events — from screenings to panels, parties, and other activities happening online.

Here’s a closer look at each one:

1. Icon Badge ($325)

The Icon Badge offers the most comprehensive access to the hybrid festival benefits. 

As an Icon Badge holder, you’ll have access to over 25 in-person film screenings and live Q&As, enjoy priority seating, and receive invitations to the Opening and Closing Night parties. Plus, you’ll also have full access to all in-person Creators Conference panels and events, along with an exclusive “Meet the Programmers” mixer event.

2. Icon+ Package ($575)

Perfect for pairs, the Icon+ Package includes all the benefits of two Icon Badges. 

That way, both badge holders can access all in-person film screenings and live Q&As, enjoy priority seating, and attend the Opening and Closing Night parties. Both badges also grant access to all in-person Creators Conference panels and events, along with the “Meet the Programmers” mixer event.

3. Creators Conference Badge ($125)

This final badge focuses on the Creators Conference, taking place from September 29th to October 1st.

Badge holders have access to all Creators Conference panels and events featuring industry professionals. They also have free access to the official Creators Conference Mixer and Official Award Program. Keep in mind, however, that this badge does not include tickets for the Opening & Closing Night Parties and film screenings. These can be purchased separately or accessed with an Icon badge.

An Unforgettable Cinematic Encounter

The Nashville Film Festival 2023 is shaping up to be an epic cinematic event. Promising an extensive range of film experiences, unparalleled networking prospects, and a deep dive into the intricate workings of the film industry, this is an event you wouldn’t want to miss. 

The festival’s full programming will be available in late August, so keep your eyes peeled for all the details of what’s in store! 

And remember — the festival draws film enthusiasts from all over the globe, so make sure you plan ahead and start thinking about booking your accommodations early. After all, finding a home away from home in Nashville will make this event all the more enjoyable!

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