The Perfect Bachelorette Weekend in Nashville

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It’s no secret that Nashville is the bachelorette destination capital! So what’s the perfect timeframe for a bachelorette?? We recommend arriving on Thursday night and departing on Sunday late afternoon.

To help you plan your perfect getaway with your crew, we’ve created a detailed timeline outlining the activities and events for each day. This is the first version, and we plan to have many more, as you can plan your weekend in so many different ways!

Before we start, we should say, check out our preferred private drivers, whether it be Eric Jones (615) 818-5373 or Nashrovers (615) 589-1013), for more dependable rates and a better experience than Uber/Lyft. This must be coordinated in advance.

Thursday Night

Arrival into Nashville

Since most people will have spent half the day at work and flown into BNA airport, the first day of the bachelorette weekend should be relaxed and easy-going. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about decorating, planning itineraries, or preparing party favors as you’ve already hired Little Miss Runaround to take care of everything. 

First nights dinner

We recommend your first night’s dinner to be take-out from Tutti Da Gio! The best new Italian take-out in Nashville. The Pesto Gnocchi is literally the best thing ever. But let’s be real, nothing on the menu is bad. You can’t go wrong with just a regular Margherita pizza!

Tutti Da Gio Pizza
Margherita Pizza at Tutti Da Gio

Don’t forget to order the Bianco e Nero these are Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Puffs covered in ice cream! Your bachelorette crew will love it!

Bianco e Nero Tutti Da Gio
Bianco e Nero

Explore Downtown Nashville’s nightlife

Casa Rosa

After dinner, the next stop can be the rooftop of Miranda Lambert’s Rooftop Bar at Casa Rosa for a laid-back evening in casual attire.

To end your first night, you go to Robert’s Western World for some classic country tunes and the best late-night food deals on Broadway. They have great options, whether it be the Doggone Special for $5 (Jumbo corndog, chips, and beer), French fries, or Cheese curds… they seriously have you covered.


Hey, ladies! Did you paint the town red last night in Nashville? It’s time to take a breather and recover with some yummy brunch and retail therapy in the cute 12 South neighborhood!

Buttermilk Ranch is where it’s at, and if you can rally the troops, aim to be there by 10:30 am. You might have to wait for a little, but who cares? It’s all part of the adventure, right?

So, grab your besties, put on your favorite outfits, and get ready to brunch and shop ’til you drop! Let’s make some unforgettable memories in Nashville, woo-hoo!

Butter Milk Ranch 12 South
Breakfast at Butter Milk Ranch

While you are waiting for your table at Buttermilk Ranch, grab a coffee from the Nashville staple Frothy Monkey at their grab-and-go counter inside.

Frothy Monkey
Frothy Monkey in 12 South

If you still have time while waiting for your table you can do a little shopping, if they call you great! Just keep these stores in mind for afterward. The most budget-friendly and cute bachelorette-friendly boutique is Finnleys. Check it out for super cute sparkle clothes, NASH clothing, and super cute accessories.

After Finnleys check out Bullets and Pearls, this store has incredibly beautiful jewelry for under $20 each! The flower mural is also one-of-a-kind in Nashville and a great photo-op!

Bachelorette Instagram
Instagram Worthy (Source)

Another great spot to shop on your perfect bachelorette weekend is Ana’s favorite. Draper James, which happens to be Reese Witherspoon’s store! It’s also next to a super cute Draper James mural and one of the “I Believe in Nashville murals”. Why not have some great photos with your crew while brunching and shopping?? There’s nothing better!

Nashville Mural
Another perfect photo-op movement (Source)

Last on your shopping list and Insta-worthy photos would be to stop at Love Shack Fancy!

Love Shack Fancy
Your girlfriends will love this boutique clothing store (Source)

Now that we have finished shopping and taking cute pictures! Let’s head back to your Airbnb for some downtime to get ready for the night, maybe take a nap, and refuel.

Friday Night

Tonight you all are in for a treat, for dinner, you have plans to go to Martin’s BBQ close to Broadway. Then you will walk over and do a moonshine tasting at Ole Smoky Distillery.

Martins Nashville
Our favorite BBQ in Nashville at Martins
Ole Smokie Distillery
Ole Smokie Distillery is a must-visit (Source)

When you’re done there, go venue out to Pushing Daisies on Broadway. After this, go live your best life out on Broadway. Whether you get some snacks at Assembly Food Hall or go sing your heart out at Honky Tonk Central. There’s no way to lose!

Assembly Food Hall
Plenty of food options are available for everyone at the party at Assembly Food Hall (Source)
Honkey Tonk Central
The one and only Honkey Tonk Central (Source)


Today is a bit of an excursion day. Let’s be real y’all had so much fun last night it’s a day to sleep in.

Make sure your girls know they need to be ready by 12, though! Your ride includes tours of Nashville which is just what you need to chill out, you also have planned to be dropped off at Arrington Vineyards for a late lunch and wine tasting.

Located just 30 minutes south of Nashville, this picturesque winery offers a variety of award-winning wines. You and your girls can enjoy wine tastings, tours of the vineyards, and even a picnic on the beautiful grounds.

Arrington Vineyard
The perfect spot to spend all day with your girls

But that’s not all. Arrington Vineyards also hosts a range of exciting events throughout the year, such as live music concerts, art exhibits, and food festivals.

Raise a glass and cheers to the bride-to-be in style!


Today is your last day in Nashville, but you were out late last night. If you’re staying at Music City Legends, then head over to Nadeen’s Hermitage Haven for Brunch. You have plenty of time as you booked direct with us and have automatic late check-out.

Nadeen's Hermitage Haven
Breakfast at Nadeen’s

Wrap up your Nashville bachelorette bash with a bang, babes! After Brunch, you go back to the Airbnb, get your luggage, and head to the airport, where you hang out at Tootsie’s in BNA for some fun drinks and live music.

Tootsies at the airport
The party never ends in Nashville (Source)


This guide was just a teaser of what Music City has in store for you and your squad. There’s so much to do and see here, that you’ll be planning your next trip before you even leave.

But, with this guide under your belt, you’ll have hit up some of our top recommendations that will leave your girlfriends talking about the trip for years to come. The final piece is finding an amazing place to stay.

Nashville knows how to party, and we’re thrilled you and your bride tribe got to experience it all. Until next time, keep the music playing and the cocktails flowing!

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